Festive Winter At Home Activities For Kids

Christmas time is for families to create new memories and spend quality time together. While there are plenty of exciting outdoor Winter activities for your family to participate in, sometimes a stay-at-home day is needed!

So what holiday activities should you do with your kids this December? Here are a few Christmas family activities you and your kids would love. The best part? You and your family can even stay indoors in your cozy pjs all day long!


Shows & Movies

There’s nothing like staying cozy at home with a warm beverage and yummy snacks on a cold day. Turn on some Christmas videos for kids, get a blanket, snacks, and your family is all set! Enjoy some kid-friendly movies and shows for you and your children to get into the festive spirit!


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Cat in the Hat - A Long Winter’s Nap

Rated: TV-Y

“Sally and Nick are so excited to go ice skating tomorrow, that they can't fall asleep! Cat's friend Boris the bear can help! Off they go to the Gleep-sneep Woods to learn how Boris gets ready to take his long winter's nap. Back at home, Nick and Sally follow Boris' advice, and follow their own bedtime routine to get ready for bed. With the help of a bedtime story from Cat, they quickly fall asleep.” // Learn More | Watch Here



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Frosty The Snowman

Rated: TV-G

“A living snowman and a little girl struggle to elude a greedy magician who is after the snowman's magic hat.” // Learn More | Watch Here



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Franklin's Magic Christmas Special

Rated: G

“In this video, children watch Franklin, beloved turtle and television star, as he learns about the true meaning of Christmas. While spending Christmas at Grandpa's farm, Grandpa takes a bad fall. Franklin and his younger sister must go enlist the help of Dr. Bear on a journey that finds them learning all about Christmas and each other as they race to get home in time for the holiday festivities.” // Learn More | Watch Here



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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey Saves Santa

Rated: TV-Y

“The Sensational Six are all set to celebrate Christmas when they hear from Dasher that Santa's sleigh has broken down at the top of Mistletoe Mountain and they rush to the rescue.” // Learn More | Watch Here



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The Smurfs’ Christmas

Rated: n/a

“At Christmas, the Smurfs and Gargamel cross paths with two children and a stranger out to kidnap them. Can the magic of Christmas prevail?” // Learn More | Watch Here



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The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree

Rated: TV-Y

“Despite Mama Bear's warning of bad weather, Papa Bear decides that this year he will find his perfect Christmas tree in this award-winning treasure. Without concern for the real meaning of Christmas, Papa takes Brother and Sister Bears along on his trek. Finding that all the trees he desires are the homes of other animals. Papa hurries back to buy a tree...but they're all sold out. To their surprise, the Bears find that the other creatures have made a special gift just for them!” // Learn More | Watch Here



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Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

Rated: TV-Y

“While the residents of Elwood City get ready for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and even "Baxter Day," they want their holiday celebrations to be perfect—but just what does that mean?”

// Learn More | Watch Here



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Dr. Seuss’ - How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Rated: n/a

“A grumpy hermit hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville.”

// Learn More | Watch Here



Festive Arts & Crafts

Christmas for kids can be an exciting time. So with the Winter holidays here, we can’t leave out Christmas crafts! Here are some easy crafts your children can try out this month!


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Paper Christmas Tree Craft

This simple Christmas tree craft is great for kids of all ages! Best of all, it’ll keep them occupied long enough for you to get your own holiday things done around the house.

Full Tutorial Here




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Candy Cane Reindeer

Not only are these reindeers adorable, they are super easy to make. Let your children pick out their favorite colored candy canes and decorations and then they can even decorate the tree with them!

Full Tutorial Here



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Grinch Ornaments

Get festive with your little ones by making Christmas ornaments! Get creative and customize these Grinch themed ornaments for your tree.

Full Tutorial Here



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Jolly Santa Paper Plate Craft

Create a fun Santa look with your kids using a paper plate! Let them have fun and decorate Santa’s hat and outfit however they’d like.

Full Tutorial Here



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Reindeer Handprint Card

Customize your Christmas cards by using your little one’s handprint! It’s super simple to make and you can even turn it into an ornament.

Full Tutorial Here



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Handprint Christmas Wreath

Decorate the house or even the front door with a Christmas wreath made out of your children’s handprints!

Full Tutorial Here



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Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament

Kids of all ages can have fun decorating this simple ornament made out of craft sticks! They’ll love hanging ornaments they made themselves onto the Christmas tree!

Full Tutorial Here



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Printable Coloring Pages

Let your children’s creative juices flow by coloring and decorating Christmas and Winter themed coloring pages! Kids of all ages will love this activity. Here are some fun coloring pages you can print out:

Merry Christmas Globe: download here

Santa in Sleigh With Reindeer: download here

Christmas Tree and Presents: download here

North Pole Coloring Page: download here

Christmas Eve Coloring Page: download here

Wish List To Santa: download here

Three Snowmen: download here

Santa: download here

Reindeers and Christmas Tree: download here

Christmas Bears: download here

With these kid-friendly Christmas and Winter themed activities that are great for the whole family, we hope you can enjoy celebrating this holiday season without even having to leave the house! Get festive and stay cozy at home with WithOrganic’s 100% organic cotton clothing. We have with cute designs your toddlers and infants will love! Made with organic cotton, WithOrganic’s clothing is gentle on your child’s sensitive skin so they can comfortably spend hours on end with it on!

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