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Leading in organic baby clothing for the past 14 years.

Yuji International was founded by Ji Hea You in 2005 after her first son, Henry, was born. After searching for premium organic products for Henry, who had extremely sensitive skin, Ji Hea realized that the organic market was very limited and was too expensive for average moms to purchase. She wanted to find organic products that were both safe and comfortable for the kids, as well as, being affordable for all moms. Thus, in late 2005, after contracting with few factories in Korea, she launched the WithOrganic brand to make quality organic products available to all the moms that wanted the best for their kids.

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Ji Hae also wanted to make designs that were not only fashionable and appealing to parents, but also fun and playful for the kids. We keep those values in mind when it comes to our designs, making them colorful and fun to inspire kid’s imaginations.

Thanks to all the moms that share the same values and ideas, we are now one of the main organic brands in Korea for baby products. With our experience and history, we are excited to share our products with moms all over the world.

The Organic Difference

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All of our luxurious kids designs are made from a high quality organic cotton and manufactured in accordance to the most strict Organic Certification Process.

To be considered as organic manufacturer, every process of our clothing production must satisfy the Organic Certification Standards (OCS). Our baby and kids cloths are verified from the raw material, all to way to the final product.

The Experience 

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