Why Organic Clothing For Babies?

As organic clothing is growing in popularity along with environmental concerns, you may be wondering, is organic clothing really that great? And is organic baby clothing better than regular clothing?

We're here to help you learn what organic cotton clothing really is and why it is not only great for your children, but also beneficial for our environment!

Organic Clothing

Organic clothing refers to clothing made of material that is made and grown according to the Organic Agricultural Standards. It is important to note that the label of “organic” can be used on a label even if it isn’t 100% organic. Due to this, it is important to do your own research and look for clothing tags that state they are 100% organic! These clothings can be made of cotton, jute, silk, ramie, or wool. For this article, we will be focusing on organic cotton, why it is considered organic, the difference compared to conventional cotton, and the benefits of it!


What is Organic Cotton?

Cotton is one of the most grown crops around the world today. It is also a crop that uses a large amount of chemicals during its growing and manufacturing stages. However, organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of agricultural chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Growing organic cotton also prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds and all cotton growers must follow strict federal guidelines and regulations. With this growing method, it results in cotton that is toxic-free compared to the chemical-filled regular cotton.


The Organic Difference

So what’s the big deal about organic clothing and organic cotton? Well, from the growing stages all the way through stages of manufacturing, organic cotton has a positive impact all around. Not only is it more environmentally friendly compared to regular cotton, but is also better for health in terms of the growers and consumers. 

Great for those with Skin Sensitivities

Nothing is more uncomfortable and annoying than putting on a cute top, but then feeling itchy from the scratchy material. Or even worse, getting a rash or allergic reaction to your clothes. Since organic cotton is non-toxic, it is a lot easier on the skin and is great for those with chemical sensitivities. It is also a good option for those with sensitive skin in general and those with skin conditions such as eczema. This is because organic cotton is less likely to irritate compared to other materials that can be scratchier or treated with harsh chemicals.  


Conventional cotton is grown using harsh agricultural chemicals that is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the most toxic chemicals. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown without the use of harsh chemicals. Due to this, helps to preserve our environment and land because it prevents water contamination and air pollution. It also helps to preserve the fertility of the soil after the cotton is harvested so the land is sustained rather than destroyed.

Protects Farmers’ Health

Not only does organic cotton help protect the environment, but also helps to preserve the health of farmers, workers, and their families. This is because with regular cotton, they are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals used to grow it. These chemicals are so toxic that it can cause illnesses and even death. With organic cotton, farmers won’t have to subject themselves to harsh chemicals in order to make a living.


Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton clothing is not only a lot safer for skin, but is also softer and more durable. This is because the organic cotton is manufactured with products that have a low impact on the environment. So organic cotton clothing is made up of stronger fibers because they have not been weakened and exposed to processes with strong chemicals. You can be sure that buying organic cotton clothing with not only feel better on the skin, but also hold up better through everyday wear and tear and through multiple washings and dryings.


Organic Cotton Clothing for Babies

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of organic cotton, it is no question that it is a must-have for your baby and toddlers! Organic kids clothes, especially organic cotton, is great because children’s skin is a lot more delicate and sensitive compared to most adults. Including organic certified kids clothing into your little one’s wardrobe will not only be more comfortable for them to wear since cotton is stretchy, breathable, and soft, but will ensure each purchase is helping the environment and lives of farmers.

Now, where can you buy organic cotton clothing for your children? WithOrganic is a brand where you can get the best 100% organic baby clothes. Not only do we carry organic clothing for infants and toddlers, but all our clothing is made with 100% organic cotton. Coming in various cute designs you and your kids will love, our clothing is made with high quality cotton and is manufactured in accordance to the Organic Certification Standards (OCS). 

Rest assured that WithOrganic’s clothing is organic verified every step of the way, from raw material to the final product! Our clothing is made with a baby’s sensitive skin in mind!

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