How to Throw the Perfect Kid's Birthday Party

Whether your toddler is turning three or even six, children’s birthdays are something every parent wants to celebrate! However, planning a kid’s party will take a lot of work and patience. 

Here are a few kids party ideas and a party planning guide you can use to throw the perfect kid’s birthday party without too much stress!




Guest List

The first step to planning any party is deciding on the guest list. It’ll determine not only where you’ll have the party, the theme, but also the food served! Check the age range of your guests to be sure you’re planning accordingly to it. 

Depending on how old your child is turning, you may have to consider having separate parties for different guests. For instance, having one party for family and older family friends, and other for your children’s peers. Many times if your baby is turning one or two, you’ll host a party consisting of a wide range of ages. 

If your toddler is turning four, five, or older and you want to have a party with their friends, have a start and end time as parties with only young children shouldn’t last very long. Additionally, try to avoid nap time by having the party before 1 pm or after 3pm!



Party Theme

While a birthday party doesn’t necessarily need a theme, you can have one if you’d like! If your toddler is old enough to have their own opinion on things, you can ask for the birthday kid’s input! There are also plenty of resources for inspiration like Pinterest, other parents, family, friends, etc. You can even ask a kids party planner for tips if you really need some help!

Depending on how many guests you want to invite and your personal preference, you can either have the gathering at your house or a larger one at a venue! The venue can also determine the theme of the party too. Some party themes for kids could be an indoor arcade like Chuck-e-Cheese, bowling alley party, swimming party, a simple color themed party of the birthday boy/girl’s favorite color, or their favorite cartoon character/princess/superhero. There are endless themes you can come up with and remember, they don’t need to be big or extravagant! The main point is that the birthday child is happy along with your guests!



Kids Party Games

Depending on your child’s age, games can either be optional or necessary. Some kids who are just one or two years old may have a mixed birthday party with grownups and kids of all ages. You won’t really need big activities at this type of gathering, but having small games, balls, or trinkets the kids can play with will help! 

Games and activities are usually needed when it’s a party full of same aged children. There is no need to go overboard and it doesn’t have to be big entertainment that you need to spend money on, like a clown or magician. Plan for kid-friendly group activities they can enjoy together without having to compete against each other. This will avoid the little ones throwing tantrums when they lose. It can be something as simple as decorating a party hat they can wear for the party or painting and coloring together.

If your party theme or venue already includes activities, such as a swimming party or bowling party, then you don’t need to worry about this part of party planning!


Cake Time

There are no rules for what kind of cake you have to have at a birthday party! It can be homemade or bought and decorated according to the party theme (Ex: Spiderman themed cake for a Spiderman themed party) or decorated simply. Additionally, keep in mind the number of guests you’ll have! Depending on the number of guests, it can be hard to find a cake that will feed a large amount of people. Instead, you can choose to have multiple smaller cakes of different flavors or cupcakes that are put together to form a cake! Having cupcakes will avoid the mess of cutting the cake and reduces serving time. 

You can even turn cake time into a fun activity for the kids! While you can also have a traditional birthday cake for the singing and celebration, you can bake separate cupcakes that the children can frost and decorate themselves! They will definitely have fun getting creative with each other and creating their own special cupcake.



The types of food that’s going to be served at your kid’s birthday party will be determined by the guests. Adults will need more adult types of food and a children’s party will need more kid-friendly foods. This can include easy finger foods they can eat without little help and foods that won’t get too messy. In addition, an important part to food selection is to consider if your guests’ dietary restrictions! So be sure to ask beforehand if anyone needs special accommodations!


Gift Ideas

Gift time is an exciting time for many birthday kids! However, it is important to note that you don’t have to necessarily open gifts during the party. If your guests are 3-5 year olds that easily get jealous of other children’s toys, it might be better to save gift opening for after the guests leave. Just be sure to keep track of who gifted what so you can send thank you cards!

If your guests are at a loss of what to get your child or if you have specific preferences for presents that your toddler will receive, be sure to express it! For instance, if your child already has too many toys, you can suggest your guests buy them other things. Or if you’re more focused on having more eco-friendly items in your household, you can suggest for organic clothing


Goodie Bag & Party Favors

Goodie bags don’t have to be anything big, but is supposed to be a small token of thanks for your guests who took time to come celebrate your child’s special day! Most kids will enjoy a goodie bag no matter what is in it. Try not to get big items that will be hard to find multiples of, but make it easy on yourself and create it using little items and trinkets. For example, you can wrap together a small bottle of bubbles, candy or lollipops, and fun little toys you can buy in packs. These can include mazes, toy animals, bouncy balls, and many other things!

Your toddler’s birthday is a time for fun and celebration so rather than stress out about the planning, take more time to enjoy this special time with your child! At the end of the day, the goal is to make your birthday kid happy and we hope with these tips, you’ll be able to plan the perfect party for your toddler!

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