Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

We know life can get crazy sometimes especially with kids. So maybe you haven’t had the chance to go out and buy a costume for your little one or maybe you need multiple costumes for different Halloween activities.

Well, no need to stress because we have some fun and creative last-minute costume ideas you can use for your infant and toddler! 


Infant & Toddler Halloween Costume Tips

Before we get into the different easy Halloween costume ideas, be sure to keep in mind these few tips!

  • Will the costume irritate sensitive skin?
    • Since your little one’s skin is a lot more sensitive and delicate compared to an adult’s, check to see if the costume is made of itchy material or has scratchy tags and loose threads. If you are worried about your baby’s sensitive skin being irritated, consider having them wear an extra layer under to keep the costume from touching their skin. WithOrganic’s 100% organic cotton toddler clothing and infant bodysuits are perfect for this! Our organic cotton clothing is not only soft and breathable, but perfect for delicate skin!
  • What will the weather be?
    • Be aware of what the weather is going to be like so you can dress your toddler and infant accordingly! It is also important to take into account where your family will be going to celebrate. Will you be trick-or-treating indoors or outdoors? Your best bet would be to have a costume that isn’t too thick so you can layer. That way you child can stay warm but also remove layers if you end up indoors where it is warmer.
  • Infant/newborn diaper accessibility
    • For both yours and your baby’s comfort and convenience, make sure that the costume you choose to put them in is easily accessible for diaper changes while you’re out. This will ensure you and your baby will keep the good mood going for the entire celebration and outing!
  • Get them accustomed to the costume
    • Since costumes can sometimes come in different shapes and feel, you can have your child practice wearing it before your Halloween festivities. That way it’ll ensure they’ll be comfortable while you guys are out and about on the day of!


Last Minute Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re in a crunch to put together a baby Halloween costume or a fun costume for your toddler, we have some easy ideas for you! Some costumes we chose are either completely homemade or partially DIY… so feel free to pick and choose whichever option works best for you and your family!


Via countryliving

Cat Halloween Costume

Turn your infant or toddler into an adorable kitty for Halloween with just clothing items you already have at home and a simple headband or head piece!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: infant cat ears, toddler cat ears, cat costume accessories, cat beanie, tutu


Via sugarbeecrafts

Lemon Lime Costume

Try out this super easy no-sew DIY costume! This tshirt based costume will be great for those who are in a pinch for a costume idea and best of all, it’s adorable!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: one, two


Via delineateyourdwelling

Planet Costume

This unique toddler costume is easy to make with stars and hula hoops! Not only will this be great on your wallet and time, but is also super fun and your children are guaranteed to love it!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: one two three


Via eighteen25

Mummy Costume

Create this fun costume using a simple white baby bodysuit or a toddler’s dress or tshirt as the base! Not only will your children be comfortable in this costume, but they’ll look adorable too!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: baby bodysuit, baby shirt, toddler shirt, toddler dress


Via cassiescroggins

Pineapple Costume

Easily turn your infant or toddler into a pineapple by using a yellow or golden colored bodysuit or tshirt and beanie or hat as a base!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: bodysuit1, toddler shirt, infant hat1, infant hat2, toddler beanie


Via thehousethatlarsbuilt

Mouse Costume

Turn your little one into a cute mouse with a simple mouse ears headband DIY paired with a simple outfit your toddler or baby already has in their wardrobe!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: ears headband, ears & tail, beanie


Via sewwhatalicia

Cupcake Costume

You can make a simple sprinkles cupcake costume for your little one with just small craft pom poms, a baby onesie or toddler tshirt and a tutu!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: bodysuit, tutu1, tutu2


Via cutesycrafts

Bee Costume

Your little one will definitely have fun buzzing around in this bee costume! Easily customize each part of the costume to your own preferences and easily make the base costume out of a shirt or bodysuit!

DIY Tutorial: here, headband

Buy it: costume1, costume2, tutu1, tutu2, tutu3, wings


Via prettyprovidence

Princess Costume

Turn your little princess into a real life princess using a dress already in her wardrobe! Deck it out in butterflies, flowers, or stars, add a crown, and you’re good to go!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: costume, crown, wand


Via so-sew-easy

Light Up Fairy Princess Costume

If your toddler already has plenty of pretty princess-like dresses in her closet, this is the perfect DIY for Halloween! Add string lights into her dress and she’ll look like a fairy!

DIY Tutorial: here

Buy it: dress, lights, crown

We hope you loved these last minute costume ideas as much as we did! If you need more costume ideas, we have a previous blog filled with costume ideas for toddlers, infants, and family themed ones! Enjoy your Halloween 2019 festivities and make plenty of great memories with your family this year!

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