Should You Take Your Infant Trick-Or-Treating?

With Halloween coming up this month, you have either already picked out your infant’s costume or may be wondering if it’s even okay to take your baby trick or treating. 

We’re here to answer all your questions and give you a few tips to make your Halloween celebrations go smoothly!



What Age Should Kids Start Trick or Treating?

Halloween is a fun holiday that encourages people of all ages to celebrate! So is there really a  trick or treating age limit? Truth is, there’s no such thing as too young to celebrate trick or treating and babies can go trick or treating at any age. Whether you take your baby out on the day of Halloween is a personal choice where some parents prefer to wait until their kids are old enough to be able to remember the event. However, Halloween is a great time for families and neighbors to gather and celebrate together. It is also great for your own family memories and photos so there’s no harm in taking your infant out to celebrate! Go ahead and flaunt your baby’s cuteness in their new costume!



Social Stigma: To Candy or Not

The main reason why taking your baby or newborn out on Halloween is such a highly debated topic is not due to health reasons, but social ones. Believe it or not, the base of the argument revolves around Halloween candy. Of course if you take your baby trick or treating, they shouldn’t be consuming any of the candy collected. Due to this, the debate is mainly questioning whether parents should take candy or not especially when their newborn isn’t going to be the one eating it. Despite some people having strong feelings about parents eating candy that is given to their “infant trick or treater”, it’s a personal choice whether you want to actually receive candy or not. This should not be the main reason why you choose to take your kids out or not! 



Baby Halloween Costumes Tips

Although infant costumes are adorable and there are plenty to choose from, there are a few things to account for when choosing the perfect Halloween costume for your baby!

1. Weather conditions

Be aware of what the weather is going to be like so you can dress your baby accordingly. While the weather outside is important, it is also important to take into account where you guys will be going to celebrate. Will you be outdoors or indoors trick or treating? Your best bet would be to get a costume that isn’t too thick and can layer. That way your infant can be warm but can remove layers if you end up indoors where it is warmer.

2. Will the costume irritate your baby’s skin?

Since your baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive and delicate compared to an adult’s, check to see if the costume is made of itchy material or has scratchy tags and loose threads. If you are worried about your baby’s sensitive skin being irritated, consider having them wear an extra layer under to keep the costume from touching their skin. WithOrganic’s organic cotton baby clothes and bodysuits are perfect for this! Our organic cotton clothing is not only soft and breathable, but perfect for delicate skin.

3. Diaper accessible

For both yours and your baby’s convenience, make sure that the costume you choose is easily accessible for diaper changes while you’re out. Nothing like a stressful diaper change to put both you and your baby in a bad mood.

4. Have your baby get used to the costume if needed

Since costumes can come in different shapes and feel, you can have your infant practice wearing it a bit before Halloween. That will ensure that they will be comfortable while you guys are out and about on the day of.

5. No masks

Under no circumstances should your infant’s face be covered. Especially since they do not have the motor skills to remove the mask themselves, it can be a potential hazard.



Trick-or-Treating Tips

Halloween celebrations and trick or treating should be a time for fun! So here are a few tips you can use to help plan for the big day and make your outing a bit easier.

  1. If you are planning on going outdoors to celebrate, plan for the day or early evening when the sun is still out.
  2. Bring a flashlight just in case. This will make it easier for cars to spot you.
  3. Figure out whether you’re going to hold your baby or if they are going to be riding in a stroller. Be sure to take into account how some costume shapes can be hard to manage, like a tail.
  4. Avoid too much contact from strangers. While it is safe for your baby to go out trick or treating, hands contains a lot of germs especially on Halloween where everyone is in contact with multiple people and strangers. Carrying your baby in a baby-wearing or in a stroller will help you control the amount of touching that occurs.
  5. Plan your pictures if you want some! It doesn’t have to be taken on Halloween and can be on another day when you have more time. This will help avoid rushing pictures if you’re on a time schedule on the day of Halloween and avoid the potentially dark and grainy pictures when it gets dark out.

Halloween is a day where people can celebrate in many different ways. So with these baby costume and trick or treating tips, take your little one out with no worries and make some great family memories! 


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