Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

With so many Halloween costume options for infants and toddlers, how do you know which one to pick? Here are a few fun, unique Halloween costume ideas you can use this year for your kids!

DIY Halloween Costume

Buying costumes from the store can sometimes be pretty pricey and not well made. Especially since children grow quickly and Halloween costumes are only worn once a year, it can be better to make your own simple costumes at home. Best of all, you can even make it a fun family event where your kids can help plan and make their costumes together! Here are a few DIY costume ideas for your family to try:


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Watercolor Paint Tray Costume

Showcase your toddler’s artistic and creative side with this watercolor paint tray costume! Not only is it a comfortable costume, but also colorful and fun.

DIY Tutorial here



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Pineapple Costume

Make a cute pineapple fruit costume for your little one and bring the tropical summer feel to this fall season! Just look at how adorable the little pineapple hat looks!

DIY Tutorial: one two three



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Fluffy Cloud Costume

These type of fluffy cloud and snowball costumes never get old! Not only is it a fun texture, but it’s definitely a costume that stands out.

DIY Tutorial here



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Superhero Costume

Many children are obsessed with the idea of super heros so why not turn your little one into their own superhero character this Halloween? Not only is it easy to make, but will be a costume that’s easy to move around in.

DIY Tutorial here



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Astronaut Costume

Turn a normal toddler bodysuit or zip up tracksuit into a fun astronaut costume. Just find some iron on or stitched patches and you’re good to go! Oh, and don’t forget to take your creative themed pictures.

DIY Tutorial here



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Taco Costume

This is definitely a unique costume that features the delicious taco! Get your creative juices flowing and turn your toddler’s shirt into a taco costume!

DIY Tutorial here

Baby Halloween Costumes

Nothing is cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume! While your infant may be too young to remember their first Halloween celebrations, dressing them up and taking pictures will definitely be great for memories. We have a previous blog on some Halloween tips when celebrating with a newborn or infant so be sure to check that out in preparation for your festivities! Here are a few adorable baby Halloween costume ideas:


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Baby Strawberry Costume

There’s just something so cute about a baby dressed as a strawberry! Whether you choose to go for a simple bodysuit and hat or a fluffy, padded costume, your baby is guaranteed to get attention!

DIY tutorial: here 

Buy it: one two three



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Sushi Costume

For all the Japanese food and sushi lovers out there, check out this adorable sushi costume for infants! Easily turn your baby into a cute sushi roll with a simple soft pillow wrapped around their back or even a sushi decorated bodysuit!

DIY tutorial: here

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Baby Cow Costume

Not only are the cow ears adorable, but the details of the cow utters on this costume is definitely the winner! Recycle your infant’s old bottle nipples and an old bodysuit and you’re good to go!

DIY tutorial: here

Buy it: one two three four



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Cookie Monster Costume

Sesame Street has always been a popular show for kids! Turn your infant into a mini cookie monster this Halloween! And of course, don’t forget to feed them lots of baby-friendly cookies and snacks!

DIY tutorial: here

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Baby Giraffe Costume

Try out this comfy and warm baby giraffe costume this Halloween! You can turn your family’s costume theme into a zoo!

DIY tutorial: here

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Baby Snail Costume

This costume is especially great for those whose babies aren’t able to walk yet. You’ll be surprised at how cute they look crawling around at home with their snail costume on!

DIY tutorial: here

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Themed Costumes

If you or your toddler have a favorite cartoon, movie, or book, it can be fun to dress up as them for Halloween. Better yet, family themed costumes are just adorable and make for fun pictures and memories. Here are a few fun family themed costumes your family can try out this Halloween:


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Chef and Lobster Costumes

Match your baby’s adorable lobster costume by dressing up as chefs! Spice up the fun by carrying around stirring spoons and cooking ladles!

DIY tutorial: lobster

Buy it: lobster



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Robot Family Costumes

Have fun with the family by not just having matching costumes, but you can even work together to create your own unique and fun robot costumes! They’ll definitely make for fun family memories and pictures.

DIY tutorial: here

Buy it: one two three



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Under The Sea Costumes

A fun summer themed family Halloween costumes for those who love the water and beach! While this picture only features a few options, the possibilities are endless for what your family can choose to be.

DIY tutorial: turtle mermaid 

Buy it: turtle mermaid1 mermaid2 shark



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Weather & Rainbow Costumes

This is such a creative and adorable mom and daughter Halloween costume! Of course, you cna expand and have someone be the sun, cloud, or leaves to represent all weathers!

DIY tutorial: one two three four

Buy it: here



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Milk & Cookies Costumes

Milk and cookies is forever a pair that goes perfectly together! Match with your baby and another family member can even be the milkman/milkwoman!

DIY tutorial: here

Buy it: here

Adorable Toddler Costumes

While some kids like dressing up as ninjas, pirates, or witches for Halloween, we can’t leave out all the sweet toddler costumes that’ll make everyone say “aww!”. Here are some cute kid costumes you and your children would love:


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Toddler Lamb Costume

A costume that represents the innocence of childhood! Your child will not only be comfortable in a fluffy costume, but they’ll definitely look cute too!

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Shark Costume

Baby shark do-do-do … A costume to represent one of the most popular recent children’s song! Turn your toddler into a precious baby shark and you can even get matching mommy and daddy shark costumes too! 

DIY tutorial: one two three

Buy it: one two three four



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Snow White Costume

Dress your little princess in a costume that represents what they really are! You can’t go wrong with a beautiful princess outfit for your little girl! And who knows, you can also play one of Snow White’s dwarfs or evil queen too!

DIY tutorial: here

Buy it: one two



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Captain America Costume

If your little one loves superheros and super hero movies, they’ll love this costume! Let them express their inner hero this Halloween!

DIY tutorial: one two

Buy it: boys girls



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Puppy Costume

Puppies are universally loved and adored for their cute looks and playful nature. You can’t go wrong with dressing your toddler as an adorable puppy this Halloween!

DIY tutorial: one two

Buy it: one two three

No matter what costume you choose for your children, they’re guaranteed to look cute! The best Halloween outfit your infant or toddler could wear are ones that are comfortable for them. Since your baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive and delicate compared to an adult’s, be sure to check if the costume is made of itchy material or has scratchy tags and loose threads. 

If you’re worried about your baby’s sensitive skin being irritated or if the costume is too thin for the cooler Fall weather, consider having them wear an extra layer under to keep the costume from touching their skin. WithOrganic’s organic cotton baby bodysuits and toddler clothing are perfect for this! Our certified organic kids clothes are not only soft and breathable, but perfect for delicate skin.

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