What You Need to Know When You Bring Your New Baby Home

Bringing your new baby home from the hospital is a huge milestone and the endless amount of things you need to prepare for a newborn can seem daunting.

No need to stress because we’re here to talk about the basic essentials you can start off with!

But remember, just as there is no one way of parenting, you can never actually be 100% prepared for your first baby. That’s why this list was made in mind as a starting point for new parents that can always be built upon!


Coming Home From The Hospital

Leaving the hospital with your baby is just the start of your adventure into parenthood! The first important thing you need is not only comfortable clothing for the mother, but also clothes to take your baby home from the hospital. Bring clothing that is easy for you to dress your baby and is also comfortable for the infant to be in. Complicated clothing will not only make it harder on you, but can also irritate your baby before the trip even starts. The easiest newborn clothing would be a one-piece bodysuit with snaps or zippers. You can also go for a two-piece set with an elastic waistband pants. 

It is also good to note the weather and dress your baby accordingly. For instance, if it’s warm out, opt for a short sleeve bodysuit or light t-shirt and long pants. If it is chilly or cold, dress your baby in a long sleeve along with a blanket to cover his/her legs. You can even bring socks to cover their feet and a soft hat for their head. One thing to note is to keep the blanket away from the baby’s face in order to avoid suffocation.

The second thing you need along with clothes for the mother and baby is a car seat for your baby’s first car ride! Having an appropriate car seat for your newborn is mandatory under law and hospitals won’t let you take your baby home without one. Although there are various car seat options the safest one for a newborn is a rear-facing car seat designed for infants. These car seats are rear-facing because that is the safest position if there were to be a crash. Make sure these infant only car seats are used in the back seats are never in the front passenger seat.



While most of your new baby essentials are going to be things you need in your home or taking care of your baby at home, it is also good to prepare for when you go on outings. One useful item while you’re out with your infant would be a diaper bag. This is where you can keep all the things you might need such as diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottles and formula, a blanket, bibs, etc. 

Another item is a soft carrier you can use to carry your baby. The soft carrier allows you to carry your baby safely while also leaving your hands and arms free to do other things. There are a variety of options, brands, and designs you can choose from so it is important to do your own research and choose the one that is best suited for your comfortability and convenience. 

Lastly, a stroller is one great option to have when you go out. This not only gives your baby comfort while you guys are out, but also leaves you free to move about without having to carry your baby all the time. There are many stroller options and there are even strollers that can be attached to an infant’s car seat. This way it is easy to move the baby from the car to stroller without disturbing them, especially if they are asleep. 


Home Essentials

There can be an endless amount of baby related items you can buy for your house! But there are three main items that you’ll need to start off with. One is a place for your newborn to sleep. You can choose between many options such as bassinet or crib. It is important to choose one that not only fits your living space and conditions, but to also think of how long it can be used by your child as they grow. Another is feeding tools. Newborns need to eat multiple times a day so if you are bottle-feeling be ready to fill your kitchen with baby bottles, nipples, and formula! You’ll also need burping clothes for after feedings. Lastly you’ll need diapers and supplies for changing. This can include disposable or cloth diapers, diaper cream in case of rashes, and baby wipes. Be sure to buy the correct size diapers for your baby’s weight!


Clothing For Babies

Newborn clothes is another main essential you’ll need to prepare because newborns tend to need multiple clothing changes a day. Organic baby clothing is also great for newborns because they are easy on a baby’s sensitive and delicate skin since they are made of non-toxic cotton. A few types of clothing you’ll need are short sleeve and long sleeve bodysuits or onesies, hats for colder weather, socks or booties, bibs and burping cloths, mittens to keep them from accidentally scratching themselves, and blankets. 

WithOrganic is a great place for all your baby clothing needs! Our 100% organic baby clothes are made with an infant’s sensitive skin in mind. Sizes also range from infant to toddler so your children can have access to affordable quality clothing even as they grow older.


Bathing Supplies

Infants can be bathed in sinks if supervised properly but an easy way to bathe your newborn would be using a smaller tub designed for infants. That way you can control the water depth and the size is already catered towards newborns. Baby products for shower use such as baby shampoo, baby body soap, and baby lotion are needed. Shower washcloths can also be helpful as well as hooded towels that can keep their heads warm when getting out of the bath. 


Medical Care Supplies

It is good to have a few medical supplies ready on hand for your baby. This can include nail clippers or baby scissors for when your baby’s nails get a bit too long. A thermometer is also needed to keep track of your baby’s temperature to ensure you can act quickly if they are sick or have a fever. A few other medical care supplies that are useful are bulb suctions for removing mucus and a syringe or dropper for medicine.  

Bringing your first baby home from the hospital can come with various emotions such as happiness, nervousness, and even fear. But hopefully with this list of basic essentials that you’ll need when first bringing your baby home, it will ease the adjustment period of entering parenthood!

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