10 Best Gift Ideas For Infants And Toddlers

Christmas is coming sooner than you’d expect and you know what that means… gift shopping! With the hustle and bustle of decorating and holiday activities, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for you little ones. 

We’re here to make things easier for you! Here are ten Christmas gift ideas for children who have everything!


Toddler Pajamas Set

Adorable clothing and pajamas are sure to make the little fashionistas happy this Christmas! You can look for clothes in their favorite color or even their favorite animal or character. Not only will toddlers love it, but is also a useful gift that parents will appreciate.

WithOrganic carries 100% organic cotton clothing for toddlers and infants. Not only do we have many cute and unique designs to choose from, but our organic cotton clothing is soft on a child’s sensitive skin. Check out our pajama sets for toddlers!



Newborn Clothing Gift Set

Most of the time, infants are more fascinated with the wrapping paper or box a gift comes in rather than the actual gift! Or maybe they’re too young to even know what a gift is. However, new parents this Winter season will definitely appreciate any practical gifts for their newborn, such as newborn clothing! Gift them an organic baby clothes gift set with all the needed basics. WithOrganic’s new baby set comes with all organic bodysuit, bib, hat, mittens, blanket, and socks! It’s a one stop to all baby essentials parents will love.



Personalized Kids Gifts

There’s nothing like personalized gifts to make a child feel special! There are plenty of different personalized present options you can go for. For instance, you can go for a photo mug with a fun memory on there, such as a family vacation. You can even make a personalized book with them as the main character! If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can even make a handmade quilted blanket filled with their favorite characters, colors, and even print photos on them. If your little one has their own room, you can even surprise them with light up letters that spell their name to put on a dresser or wall. The possibilities are endless and you can always get creative and adjust to what your child’s preferences are!



Toys, Toys, & More Toys

Now we know what you’re thinking: “My toddler already has plenty of toys! Too much, in fact!”. Maybe your children already has plenty of trucks, cars, legos, dolls, and other toys. No worries because toys for toddlers is a big category and you can go for toys that can be more family friendly. For example, you can buy them board games to play as a family. Or even colorful puzzles for all your children to work on together. Play dough is also a great way for them to get their creative juices flowing when they want to play indoors!



Cuddly Plush

A potentially great gift for toddlers are stuffed animals! Not only can it give them comfort, such as at night when they are going to sleep, but they can even carry it around with them wherever they go! Look for plushies that are easily washable and durable for your little one’s rough handling. WithOrganic’s toddler gift set comes with a pajama set and a matching cute plushie your toddler will love!




If your little one loves storytime and reading, books are a great gift! Not only are they educational and help your toddler develop their language skills, but reading is also a great habit. Find fun kids books or even a series you know they already like.




A simple gift that can give lots of happiness to children are snacks! Try packing your toddler’s favorite treat into a fun jar or container and wrapping it up. It can be something that they don’t get to have often like candy or cookies. It’ll be a treat they’ll never forget!



Fun Classes & Lessons

These classes can include things like classes at the kid’s gym, a dance studio, art studio, taekwondo studio, tennis, and many others! It’s a great way for your little one to experience different types of hobbies and sports. Not only can it potentially give them something new to love, but they’ll be able to learn a lot and gain experiences.



Arts & Crafts

Expand your child’s creativity and knowledge with an arts and crafts type of gift! A fun gift are diy kits! They come in all different categories and interests so your little one is bound to love it! Some categories diy kits come in are science, jewelry making, sewing kit, baking, and all about insects. If your child has expressed interest in a topic, there is bound to be a fun diy kit for it! 



Amusement Park Pass

A holiday treat you can give your children this Christmas is a family trip to a local amusement park! They’re guaranteed to get excited at the idea of running around and riding fun rides for the day. It’s a great way to make family memories and also giving your children a day of fun they’ll talk about for weeks.

Christmas shopping for your little ones doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Not all great gifts mean spending lots of money and with these gift ideas for your children, we hope we’ve made Christmas gift shopping a bit easier! 

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